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Brandt 1052A Transport Auger

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  • CategoryFarm & Agriculture
  • Year
  • Brand
  • ModelTransport Auger

Key Features

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  • Category: Farm & Agriculture
  • Year:
  • Description:
    • 32', 37’, 42', 52' lengths
    • 14 Gauge Tube Thickness
    • 7 Gauge Thick Flighting
    • 5,000 BU/HR



1052A Specifications

Height 10' 4" - 33' 5"
Length 52 ft
Capacity 5000 bu/hr

Performance - Standard

Capacity1 (bushels per hour) 5,000
Recommended Horsepower - Gas/Diesel/PTO2 35
Recommended Horsepower - Electric 30

Performance - HP

Capacity1 (bushels per hour) 6,200
Recommended Horsepower - Gas/Diesel/PTO2 35
Recommended Horsepower - Electric 30


Diameter 10"
HP Intake Diameter 11"
Length 52'
Height - Lowered 10' 3"
Height - Raised 34' 6"
Height - Raised (with AugerMOVER) 34' 6"
Reach - Lowered 19' 8"
Reach - Raised 16'
Reach - Intake 16' 10"
Tube Thickness 14 ga
Flighting - Standard Intake 7 ga
Flighting - HP Intake 5/16"
Flighting - Main 7 ga
Core Diameter 2.0"
Top Drive Chain Double #60
Weight3 1,570 lb

Productivity You Can Count On.

Brandt Transport Augers deliver the reliability and performance that you need to stay productive, every day. Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, there is always a Brandt Transport Auger to match the needs of your operation helping you avoid costly downtime.


Brandt Augers set the benchmark in durability, backed by the proven performance of our Standard intake. Brandt Transport Augers use Extended Life Flighting to keep them running longer. We make the edges thicker and stronger; raising the profile of the flighting and strengthening the area where the most wear occurs. Our models also boast heavy-duty chain drives and heat-treated sprockets for added reliability. Brandt Standard Transport Augers meet the rigorous demands of your farm.


Strengthened Undercarriage
The undercarriage has been designed to offer maximum discharge and intake reach while maintaining optimum stability at any height.

Grease Bath Head End
The sealed cover allows the double chain drive and sprockets to be run in a grease bath, extending the life of parts and minimizing repairs.

Extended Life Flighting
Brandt's Extended Life Auger Flighting is thicker at the edges. The raised profile strengthens the area where most wear occurs, keeping your auger running longer and more efficiently.

Heat Treated Sprockets
For maximum durability, Brandt Transport Augers feature a heavy-duty, chain drive, and heat-treated sprockets.

Dual Flex Couplers
Using two flex chain couplers dramatically reduces strain and stress on the driveline for increased durability and more reliable operation.

Fully Enclosed Driveline
The entire length of the driveshaft is fully guarded; from the gearbox to the head end cover to protect from weathering, improve operator safety, and reduce required maintenance.

Working Lights
The Triple Halogen Work Light Package includes lights mounted on the discharge, intake, and above the engine, helping you safely move grain at night and speed up your fieldwork.

Brandt’s auger mover systems allow you to move your transport auger freely across any terrain. Hydraulically powered using ring gear drives mounted to the auger wheels, they can be easily engaged and disengaged for switching between transport and working setups.

The EZMOVE system with joystick-controlled hydraulic steering does the heavy lifting for you. An integrated mover system that is designed to work both in the yard and out in the field to make your job easier.

The Brandt AugerMOVER, with the controls and steering readily accessible along the side of the auger, maneuvers your transport auger with ease using manual steering.

Both auger mover systems come standard with a hydraulic winch and intake lift cylinder.

Drive Options
Gas Drive
Diesel Drive
Direct Drive PTO
Centre Drive PTO
Electric Drive - Tube-Mount & Undercarriage Mount

Attachment Options
Hydraulic Winch
Reversible Gearbox
Reversing Gearbox Linkage/Handle
Electric Clutch
Soft Start
Large Gas Tank
Poly Hopper
Hopper Cover
Bucket Spout
Enclosed Guard Kit
Safety Light Kit
Work Light Kit
Shovel Holder
Dolly Wheel
AugerMOVER mover system
EZMOVE mover system

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