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Brandt 1070HP Swing Away Auger

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  • ModelSwing Away Auger

Key Features

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  • Category: Farm & Agriculture
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    • 7,200 BU/HR
    • Low Profile Hopper
    • Scissor Lift Undercarriage



1070HP Specifications

Height 11' 0" - 48' 6"
Length 70 ft
Capacity 7200 bu/hr


Capacity1 (bushels per hour) 7,200
Recommended PTO Horsepower 105
Tractor PTO RPM 540


Diameter 10"
Swing Away Diameter 10"
Length 70'
Height -Lowered 11'
Height - Raised 48' 6"
Reach - Lowered 35' 6"
Reach - Raised 22' 6"
Transport Length 72' 2"
Transport Height 12' 6"
Wheel Track Width 142"
Tube Thickness 13 ga
Flighting - Main 3/16"
Flighting - Swing Away 3/8"
Core Diameter 2.0"
Lower Bearing Size 1.375"
Gearbox Shaft Diameter 1.25"
Weight - Hitch 850 lb
Weight - Total 3,600 lb


Lift Mechanism Scissor
Frame Arms 6"x8"x3/16"W
Axle 4"x4"x3/16"W
Hydraulic Cylinder Size 4"x30"
Number of Hydraulic Cylinders 1
Hydraulic Requirements 1,400 psi
Tire Size ST205/75R15
Tire Ply Rating 6 Ply

Self-Leveling Swing Away Hopper

Length x Width x Height 70"x40"x10"
Height w/ Extension 17"
# of Horizontal Flights 2
# of Wheels 4
Wheel Size 10"

There's a Brandt auger that fits your farm.

Whatever the crop and wherever you need to move it, Brandt has an auger that's right for you. Brandt Swing Away Augers are fast, reliable, and longer-lasting to get you through harvest worry-free.


Reduce your truck unload times and get back to the field even faster this harvest with the Brandt 10HP Swing Away Auger, redesigned with cutting edge technology to maximize efficiency. With a capacity increase of 10% over the previous generation, Brandt 10" Swing Away Augers deliver an industry-leading 7,200 bushels/hour. The 10HP offers the ideal combination of high capacity, reliability, and ease of use.

Designed for easy positioning and maximum clearance, Brandt's low profile, self-leveling hoppers make moving large amounts of grain fast and easy. Our scissor lift undercarriage allows for greater reach and clearance while maintaining stability and safety.

Sizes available:
10": 60', 70', 80'


Low Profile, Self Levelling Hopper
All Brandt Swing Away Hoppers features two 6" horizontal feed augers with a low profile design to maximize clearance under the trailer without sacrificing capacity. The hopper provides a large area to fill with grain for easy positioning under trailer hoppers and also features "flat-free" tires for trouble-free use during harvest.

Easy Access Cleanout Doors
While our completely sealed transition spout keeps your product in and moisture out; two robust easy access clean outdoors on the transition make for easy maintenance and reduce the chances of clogging.

Scissor Lift
The heavy-duty scissor lift provides maximum reach and clearance, and low transport height. Brandt 10HP Swing Away Augers come standard with the new Monotube undercarriage, made of heavy-duty square tubing to improve safety and stability.

Chain Coupler
All Brandt Swing Away Augers are designed with a chain coupler between the swing tube flighting and gearbox for trouble-free maintenance. The coupler absorbs shock and protects the gearbox ultimately increasing its longevity.

Easy Rotating Lift Arm
Simple-to-use pivoting lift arm can be rotated to either side by removing a pin; now featured on all Brandt Swing Away Augers.

Extended Life Flighting
Brandt's Extended Life Auger Flighting is thicker at the edges. The raised profile strengthens the area where most wear occurs, keeping your auger running longer and more efficiently.

Significantly improve the maneuverability of pull-type augers and conveyors with hydraulically controlled wheels. This option allows the ability of the wheels to change direction independently to the movement of the auger, allowing for easy steering in those tight spots or around sharp corners. This also has the added benefit of being able to sway the auger spout left or right, making lining up to the bin fill hole easier.

Attachment Options:
Manual Winch
Hydraulic Winch
Electric Winch
EZSWING Hopper Mover
Right Angle Drive
Reversing Kit
Plastic Bucket Spout
No-Snag Bucket Spout
Hopper Cover
Safety Light Kit
Work Light Kit
Cab Cam Monitor
Corn Screens

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