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  • CategoryFarm & Agriculture
  • Year2020
  • BrandJohn Deere
  • ModelJDLink™

Key Features

  • Make: John Deere
  • Category: Farm & Agriculture
  • Year: 2020
  • Description:
    • See critical and timely information about your machines, online.
    • Move data to and from your machines – easily, securely, and wirelessly.
    • Support your machine and people, to keep your operation running.


Improve fleet utilization with machine performance management

View equipment visually on the map or in the list by closest proximity

As your fleet grows, it becomes harder to manage machine performance and utilization. Use to make sure you are getting the most from your investment.

  • Check machine location
  • See location history (in Operations Center)
  • View and report on historical performance and utilization
  • Compare machine performance across your fleet

Dig in deeper to machine data to better understand performance and usage concerns

View location history for your fleet

Create reports for machines in your fleet

Create reports for machines in your fleet

Compare machines with Machine Analyzer

Make machine maintenance easy using tools in JDLink™

Maintaining your equipment is easy with JDLink and Maintenance Manager in John Deere Operations Center.

  • View current and past due maintenance on web or mobile (MyMaintenance app)
  • Use factory plans or create a custom plan for each machine
  • View parts required for each interval
  • Order parts from JDParts™ database

Maintenance Manager in John Deere Operations Center helps you manage maintenance for your equipment

MyMaintenance lets operators track and make notes from their mobile device

Manage farm operations seamlessly with automatic data flow

JDLink™ hardware, along with a JDLink Connect subscription, makes farm management easy with a seamless and automatic flow of information to John Deere Operations Center.

  • Transfer documentation data
  • See data quicker online

Make better decisions by sharing agronomic data with partners

JDLink™ hardware makes sharing with partners simple. In John Deere Operations Center, growers can establish a sharing relationship with partners and electronically share a view of their operational information with whomever they choose.

  • Share field data
  • Share equipment data

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