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Topcon 3D-MC2 Dozer Machine Control System

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  • Model3D Dozer Machine Control System

Key Features

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  • Category: General Construction
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    • Inertial technology
    • GPS + GLONASS coverage
    • 100 Hz blade position update rate
    • 100 Hz hydraulic update rate
    • Smoothness and accuracy comparable to motor graders


Shatter the 3D Automation Production Barrier – Speed

Shatter the 3D Automation Production Barrier – Speed
• Increase speeds up to 200% over existing 3D systems
• Smoothness and grading accuracy comparable to motor graders
• Same easy-to-use interface as previous Topcon machine automation systems
• Unmatched productivity that you will have to see to believe

Traditional finish grading with a dozer took multiple passes at slower speeds. Existing 3D-GPS machine control allowed operators to double their production. 3D-MC2 uses revolutionary technology to reach an unbelievable new level of performance: four times faster than a standard dozer, two times faster than any 3D dozer. One dozer doing the work of two 3D dozers; think of the money you will save.

More efficient use of your machine
3D-MC2 will drastically change the role your dozer plays on a typical job site, in some cases it may even replace the need for a motor grader. It also means more efficient use of your dozer. Not only does speed increase, but fewer passes are needed, so more work can be done in less time. That means less machine operating time translating into less fuel, less wear on a machine, and most importantly, more time that can be spent working in other areas or job sites.

Improved operator performance
3D-MC2 is built on our same easy to use interface so your operators will have no problem putting it to work right away. With the advancements of 3D-MC2, less experienced operators will be able to compete with the most skilled operators. More for less, what could be better.

How it works
3D-MC2 utilizes the GX-55 control box, GNSS antenna, MC-R3 receiver, a single MC2
sensor and intuitive software to deliver position updates 100 times per second. The MC2 sensor combines a gyro, compass, and inertial sensor to measure the X, Y, and Z position as well as the roll, pitch, yaw, and acceleration of the dozer. 3D-MC2 is uniquely configured to deliver stability and control at any moment

The Topcon 3D-MC2 Advantage
Fine grading with a dozer has been typically done in first gear. Not anymore. Now you can move more material at higher speeds and at a tighter accuracy with one
machine. That’s the Topcon advantage.

On grade - from the first pass

3D-MC² Dozer allows performance to be up to 200% more effective than existing 3D systems — whatever the ground — whoever the operator. Saving time, fuel, and money at every pass.

Inertial technology
GPS + GLONASS coverage
100 Hz blade position update rate
100 Hz hydraulic update rate
Smoothness and accuracy comparable to motor graders

Easy To Use, Flexible 3D Control

On-site, the pressure is always on. 3D-MC² Dozer takes away that stress as your dozer will grade as fast as it can run in an unbeaten accuracy. Stay on top or even get ahead of schedule.

The smoother results provided by 3D-MC² Dozer means that your operator can reach final grade in fewer passes, and even in critical applications, the dozer can be the last machine to grade any feature on the site. All of these benefits add up to greater efficiency, which translates to lower costs to you.

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