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Topcon I-33 Grading System

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  • Model3D Grading System

Key Features

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  • Category: General Construction
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    • Get slopes and elevations right from the beginning
    • Cut grade fast and accurate the first time
    • Bright, easy-to-use color touch screen
    • View machine position on siteplan in real-time
    • Upgradeable systems


It all starts at the first layer

Bulk earthmovers like dozers, scrapers, and even motor graders are being used to get started. Move materials and create the path for the next set of machines. What about injecting these with innovation to smoothen the path and start with correct slopes and elevations at the first layer?

Get slopes and elevations right from the beginning
Cut grade fast and accurate the first time
Bright, easy-to-use color touch screen
View machine position on site-plan in real-time
Upgradeable systems

Revolutionize the Use of GNSS Indicate Systems on Your Job Sites

The system for bulk earthmoving
Configure the i-33 system with a single GNSS or dual GNSS antennas and install it on different machines that require elevation indication. Installation requires minimal welding on the machine, making the i-33 easy to switch between a dozer, scraper, or motor grader.

Create and cut designs… without leaving the job site
Finally, an indicate system that allows multiple elevations, slopes, and complex designs to be cut continuously – without resetting the machine, laser or waiting for a surveyor to place elevation stakes on site. With Topcon’s i-33 system the operator can create multiple elevation/slope designs right in the cab or use 3D models created for your job site. No hassles or waiting, start cutting or digging to the correct elevation. Now you can cut to grade fast and accurate, eliminating re-work the first time you go out.

The investment that grows as you grow
In the future, the GX-30 control box will offer a fully upgradeable platform from a 3D indicate system to 2D and 3D excavator systems for various machines on your job site. Equip multiple dozers with sensors, cabling, brackets, and move the control box, GNSS receivers, and antennas between all machines. The same equipment can be used on excavators, scrapers, motor graders, and even on rental equipment.

Get it right — from the beginning

Bulk earthmovers are on site from the beginning. Topcon I-33 systems realize the accuracy, simplicity, and flexibility of GPS grade indicate on your bulk earthmoving jobs. They are step-in configurations into 3D. I-33 are indicate only, but fully upgradeable to automatic.

The system allows continuous cuts on multiple elevations, slopes, and complex designs. The operator simply works from 3D models of the job loaded into the control box, or they can create slope and elevation designs in real-time.

I-33’s flexible configuration offers multiple solutions for elevation only or elevation and slope work. Minimal mounting and components mean it’s easy to prepare all machines, so I-33 is always on the machine where it’s needed.

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