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John Deere 1-Series Packages

With 4Rivers, you can trust you’ll be going home with the tractor and attachments best suited to where you live on the Front Range. The best place to start is with John Deere's 1-Series Compact Utility Tractors! 4Rivers provides you with custom packages at your fingertips, including two Front Range Ready 1-Series packages. Plus, we don't stop there! Maintaining your machine should be as simple, upfront, and fair as the purchase itself. All John Deere, 1-4 series tractors at 4Rivers Equipment, comes with a free 10-year or 1,000-hour Engine and Powertrain warranty!

John Deere 1-Series Packages

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The 1025R John Deere Sub-Compact Tractor has a powerful Tier 4-compliant diesel engine as well as has the twin pedal feature for quick and easy direction changes. The 120R Front End Loader has a up to 553 lb (251 kg) lift capacity as well as a Mechanical Self-Leveling (MSL) Loader option with up to 726 lb (330 kg) lift capacity.

The Colorado Package

John Deere 1023E + John Deere Loader

The 1025R John Deere Sub-Compact Tractor has a powerful Tier 4-compliant diesel engine as well as has the twin pedal feature for quick and easy direction changes. The 120R Front End Loader has a up to 553 lb (251 kg) lift capacity as well as a Mechanical Self-Leveling (MSL) Loader option with up to 726 lb (330 kg) lift capacity.

The Poudre Package

John Deere 1025R + John Deere Loader

The Colorado Package

John Deere 1023E + Loader

Starting to think about buying a new tractor, but you don’t know where to start? Well, look no further! You’re exactly in the right spot, and we can’t wait to tell you all about our John Deere 1-Series Compact Utility Tractor packages, starting with the Colorado Package! The Colorado Package is here for all your Home & Ranch needs at an AMAZING price! With a John Deere 1023E Compact Utility Tractor and loader, your property’s favorite new team member is just a few clicks away.


What is the Colorado Package?

The Colorado Package entails the 1023E tractor. The 120R loader and a 53 inch bucket.

How does the Colorado Package hold up against its competitors?

The 1023 versus its competition, this sub-compact tractor has an edge versus its competitors on a couple products. First, it does have a mid-mount PTO which allows you to attach belly mowers or attach a front mount PTO if you were going to do something like a Snowblower attachment. Some other brands may not have a mid-mount PTO but John Deere knows that is exactly what you need.

John Deere has its patented twin touch pedals so there is one pedal for forward and one for reverse. It’s a very natural motion, kind of like driving a car. You keep your heel in one spot and you can go back and forth quickly for loader work. This allows mistakes to be less frequent. It also benefits those who might not be as familiar with tractors to feel comfortable driving one.

Is the Colorado Package right for me?

Let’s dive into the tractor a bit more, the model designates how they break down, the 1 is the family or the series of tractors, and they go 1-9. Basically small to big. The 23 is the horsepower (HP) which is the hood horsepower versus the PTO horsepower.

The 1023E is a very good little tractor. It’s great for landscaping, or large property owners. It’s also great for people that need to move piles of dirt, gravel, or some logs. This little tractor may be small but it is mighty.

The Poudre Package

John Deere 1025R + Loader

Perhaps you’re considering something a bit ‘more’ but not necessarily bigger than the 1023E? The Poudre Package is your answer! With the Poudre Package, there’s no limit to its versatility and power on your property! Enjoy more features and more horsepower with this amazing, yet simple, John Deere 1-Series package!

What is the Poudre Package?

The Poudre package entails the 1025R Tractor the 120R Loader and a 53 inch bucket.

What the Poudre Package offers you!

A couple features John Deere has over our competitors are the Deere Twin Touch Pedals, there is one pedal for reverse and one pedal for forward. It allows you to keep your heel in one fixed position and move back and forth from forward to reverse for loader work. This is also great for someone who would be new driving a tractor, makes them feel more comfortable and more likely to purchase it.

The John Deere one series is very well balanced; it carries 60 % of its weight in the front and 40% in its rear and most of our competition is at 70-30 or 65-35. We feel it is just a little bit safer, and holds to the ground just a little bit better than its competitors. This will benefit you when using an attachment for heavy lifting, the tractor will stay sturdy for you, so you don’t have to stress about getting the job done.

Wondering if the Poudre Package is right for you?

Let’s dive in a bit deeper into the tractor, the model number means that the first number the 1 is the family of the tractor; the 1 series and the second set of number the 25 is the horsepower, which is the hood horsepower. The R model designation on John Deere tractors signifies the loaded models and some of the features you get on the R versus the E model would be a better seat with armrests, tilt wheel, cruise control, you get a padded floor board for your feet for vibration damping, accessory work lights, as well, in addition to the little bit larger horsepower.

It’s only a 2 ½ horsepower difference from its little brother, the 1023 but it’s a 10% increase.

For applications in our AOR, large property owners, the bucket is a pin on style bucket so it attaches and detaches quickly, they’re going to move debris, spread some rock, move some mulch, things of that nature. Do some landscaping, move snow from your driveway or road that you are maintaining. John Deere compact tractors were built with you in mind. The attachments go on and come off with ease and simplicity. No more struggle for one person to change attachments.

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