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Spring Farm Chores with John Deere & Kalcevic Farms

With Spring here, there are a lot of jobs around the farm. One of 4Rivers Equipment’s Compact Utility Tractors will...

With Spring here, there are a lot of jobs around the farm. One of 4Rivers Equipment’s Compact Utility Tractors will help get the jobs done fast. Some of those jobs are tilling the soil for trees or a garden, moving and leveling dirt with the bucket, moving and leveling gravel, and trimming the trees. At Kalcevic Farms in Bennett, Colorado, they are busy completing all these tasks with the help of a John Deere 4066M compact utility tractor. Kalcevic Farms Inc. is a partner of 4Rivers Equipment and got to experience the quality of small equipment for a demo day on April 26th, 2021.

The tractor: 

The John Deere 4066M is the largest tractor that is still considered a compact utility tractor. With it being four series and 66 horsepower, it holds its own. Going where you need and in the direction you need, is easy with the John Deere twin touch pedals. Two pedals; that’s all you need, one pedal to go forward and one to go backward just with the movement of your ankle. It’s as simple as 1,2,3. There is also a 400E loader attachment and a PTO hook-up on this piece of equipment so you can get several extensions with this tractor, such as the Frontier Rototiller.

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Trimming trees: 

Tree trimming is essential at Kalcevic Farms to keep views open when pulling out of the yard and keeping the trees healthy. With the 4066M, there is plenty of horsepower to get the job done, and a 400E loader to help remove those tree trimmings that clean up the farm and beautify the property. The bucket makes it easy to load trimmings and tree limbs to be disposed of later. 

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If tree trimming is your thing, John Deere also offers a debris grapple to help grab up the big loads with ease. Make life simple and easy with John Deere’s compact utility tractors. 

Grapple? Yes Please!

You can add attachments when you check out online.

Dirt/ Gravel moving: 

Do you need to get a pile of dirt or gravel out of your way? Don’t shovel; go fire up your compact utility tractor to help you get the job done fast! The 4066M has the power to pull a box blade, or you can take the simple route and level with the bucket. The time has come to make life easy and straightforward, so why not take advantage of the tools you have around you and get to work. Moving and leveling materials such as dirt and gravel add beauty to your location, and when a project gets done fast, looks good, and is fun; why not do it?

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Tree planting: 

At Kalcevic Farms, they concern themselves with the condition of the land as they should being stewards of the land. This year they applied for a tree grant in Adams County and were permitted to plant 160 baby trees to help with soil erosion. Many steps go along with prepping the soil for tree planting, such as cultivating and rototilling it.


Step 1: Cultivate and then rototill using the 4066M John Deere tractor and Frontier RT3062 rotary tiller. That makes the soil soft and fluffy, which makes for easy tree planting. 

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Step 2:  Plant the trees with a pull behind-planter. Two people sit on this piece of equipment; one places the tree in the slot at the correct depth while the other takes the baby trees out of their cases and hands them to the other. This process is fast and easy, thanks to the rotary tiller. This project is a five-person job. Two in the seats planting trees, one tractor driver, and two people measuring how far apart each tree needs to be. It is quite the process. 

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Step 3: Ensure that all tree root’s are entirely covered and patted well into the soil. This step is essential for the survival of these trees. 

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Step 4: Cover the trees with a weed barrier to ensure that they stay happy and healthy. The weed barrier machine was pulled behind the 4066M John Deere tractor because it has the perfect height and just the right amount of horsepower not to rip materials.

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4Rivers Equipment offers a variety of John Deere compact Utility Tractors of all sizes. You can customize any order by adding attachments at check out. 4Rivers is “Your Working Partner,” and we want to make jobs around the farm easy, fun, and fast this Spring! Hop online to pre-order yours today or contact your local dealer for more information. 

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