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Technology has changed everything we do. From monitoring machine performance to optimizing yield and output, machine data is a new competitive advantage for our partners; and John Deere’s is leading the industry.

Whether it’s combine or a motor grader, chances are you haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to getting the most out of your equipment. That’s what 4Rivers Equipment is here for. Let’s harness your equipment’s technology potential!

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Are you taking full advantage of your equipment? That’s why 4Rivers Equipment has focused in on taking a step by step approach to utilizing data.

Check out the Furrow Focus way of getting the most out of your investments

all white 4Sight Solutions brand logo with radio sound waves emitting upward from the "i" in 4Sight. "4" is larger than other text and ectends to both the top and bottom of the other text. "Sight" is on the op in bold like the "4" and "SOLUTIONS" is not in bold and is underneath the "Sight" text. see-through transparent background.


Telematics, Machine Control, and Machine Monitoring are all ways that can improve productivity on the worksite.

Take a look at how 4Sight Solutions at 4Rivers Equipment can take you to the next level of profitability!

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From concept to completion, geospatial solutions from Topcon provide secure connectivity with intuitive software and precision measurement hardware for management, office staff and the mobile workforce.

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Looking to brush up on new practices with technology? Take a look at the available events hosted by our technology teams!

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Diving into new technology can be stressful and uncertain, but with a partner like 4Rivers by your side, know you are in the hands of experts. Dedicated to your success, 4Rivers Equipment has the resources for one-on-one training, installations, and remote assistance.