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4Rivers Equipment takes equipment one step further. Technology has brought opportunity for equipment efficiency, now it’s time to harness its potential with Furrow Focus. Walk through the process to understand the resources available at 4Rivers Equipment. Ground, Cultivate, Grow, and Yield.

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A prerequisite for full implementation of the Furrow Focus Strategy is quality soil information, topographic data, and field boundaries. 4Rivers Equipment has the means to collect, analyze, present, and store this information.

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The crux of Furrow Focus is to make unemotional, logical, data-driven decisions. During the “Ground” step, the grower has access to evidence-based analysis. This report will give indicators if a particular field is the right candidate for variable rate seeding, fertilizer, or irrigation prescription technologies. Variable-rate technologies require knowledge, attention to detail, time, and more exceptional level support.

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You’re in it to win it; lower costs, increased productivity, more bushes in the bin and money in the bank. Every year technologies change, and you need to adapt. That’s why 4Rivers is here to help.

furrow focus yield map of a property boundaries for a farmer's field. heat mapping of farm yields. Map images and satellite images of a field showing yields with a provided Legend of the colors.


You should have the ability to analyze the productivity of each piece of technology that you have in your operation. With Operation Center, the season’s data can be displayed and analyzed whenever you are ready!

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