The crux of Furrow Focus is to make unemotional, logical, data-driven decisions. During the “Ground” step, the grower has access to evidence-based analysis. This report will give indicators if a particular field is the right candidate for variable rate seeding, fertilizer, or irrigation prescription technologies. Variable-rate technologies require knowledge, attention to detail, time, and more exceptional level support.

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VR RX Creation

4Rivers Equipment has the agronomic and operational expertise to create and support variable rate prescriptions for seeding, fertilizer, and irrigation.

A.M.S Support

Also known as Ag Management Solutions, we provide support and training throughout the season to help you get better utilization from your AMS equipment.

Can’t quite remember how to set up your display? Rather than pay for a service call, all it takes is one quick phone call to our helpline and our experts will call you back in 1 hour or less.

Field Support

Knowing and understanding how to best utilize your equipment used to be easy. Now, in the era of precision ag, committing it all to memory is a much bigger challenge. Field support means that you can always rely on the 4Rivers Equipment team to come out and help when needed. With our field support, you’re never on your own.

John Deere planter with ExactEmerge and/or MaxEmerge planting in a field. Planter is being pulled-behind a John Deere 8RX tractor with tracks. Dual grain tank planter with multiple row openers. Partly cloudy day planting in the sun. Trees and grass in background. Tractor and planter tearing through dirt field.

Water Probe Monitoring

There are many moving parts to an efficient commercial agriculture production system. Real-time, in-season information is crucial to check system calibration or see how your irrigation affects the whole soil profile. With moisture probes strategically placed, based on your field’s characteristics, we can derive soil profile information, root activity, and crop condition. Furthermore, 4Rivers Equipment offers in-season probe monitoring, where our I.S. Specialists analyze probe data and use their knowledge to help optimize your irrigation practices. Standard delivery of reports is monthly, but for $70 surcharge per probe the grower can elect to receive weekly reports.

Weather Stations

Understanding the microclimate in your fields is critical to understanding growing conditions and and the challenges your crops face. . 4Rivers Equipment provides weather stations from PESSL that can be added on to your water management package, or stand alone. Weather conditions are wirelessly transmitted to the cloud and then the grower can login to their portal and see localized weather conditions from their laptop, tablet or smart phone.

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