About Tim and Christy Marks

The Tractor Time With Tim YouTube Channel is an excellent place for project inspiration. With over 180,000 followers, Tim Marks and his wife Christy demonstrate real-life examples of how to tackle the honey-do list.

"Lots of channels have "how-to" videos. We intend to provide an entertaining style while illustrating that "you too can do it (and enjoy it)!". We're not experts, but we succeed at most of our projects by thinking them through, experimenting, and modifying our approach as necessary." - Tim & Christy Marks

Rocky Mountain Specials

4Rivers Equipment invited Tim and Christy out to get a feel for how their favorite John Deere 1025R will perform differently here in the Rocky Mountains. From elevation changes to different soil types, watch how Tim and Christy get to work in areas that we call home!

Check Out These Tim Approved Attachments!

Tim describes any compact tractor as practically useless without attachments and accessories. What makes your tractor useful are the ways that you can leverage the weight and power of the machine to move and haul. Here are some of Tim’s favorite accessories featured on his channel, and now available at 4Rivers Equipment!

Our Favorite Videos

Tim has hundreds of videos to watch about how to use compact tractors in different applications. These are a few of our favorite videos!