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Tractor Safety

4Rivers Equipment’s very own Ryan Winberg discusses loader safety with the well-known Fred Eichler. Although a loader is a handy piece of equipment to have on any tractor, you could mess something up if you don’t know what you’re doing. 4Rivers is adamant about proper safety practices when using heavy machinery. Because of this, 4Rivers want to make sure they pass that important information on to you, the actual user of the machine.

One of the most common mistakes Ryan sees customers doing when using a loader is the air pressure of the front tires. If you’re lifting a load up high, check the front air pressure of the tires and make sure they are at the same recommended pressure that is on the sidewall of the tire. The front tires air pressure should be equal to each other at the proper PSI.

The next thing you should check should be the rear ballast. On the compact utility tractor (CUT) in the video, it is attached with a rear backhoe attachment. With that, means you have maximum rear ballast and so the tractor won’t tip over when you’re trying to lift a heavy load. However, because most of them don’t have a rear backhoe attachment, 4Rivers Equipment sells something called a ballast box; which is basically a big steel box that hooks onto the back and you can fill it with rock, sand, gravel, cement, etc. This keeps the tractor’s rear end planted to the ground in a quick and easy way.


Another big thing to keep in mind when looking at a small compact utility tractor would be the actual weight of the tractor itself. Many tractors are rated by the lift capacity of the loader; however, they are tested in a lab with the tractor’s rear end tied to the ground; instead of on a farm in a real situation. On the farm, you won’t have your tractor tied down to the ground. So the lift weight could be different on the farm than what it says on the machine. So, you want to make sure you test and demo the machine before you purchase it to make sure it feels right for the job.

Ryan has seen many times where customers would be surprised after they buy a tractor and have to come back to buy 500 pounds of rear ballast weight. It could have only been a couple hundred dollars to move up to the next size of tractor, but now you’re buying a thousand dollars worth of rear weight just to add to the back because your tractor you just bought is too light to do the job.

4Rivers Equipment prides themselves on having a demo site at each of their dealership locations where you can try the exact machine you’re going to buy before you take it home. This allows you to make sure it won’t be tippy, make sure it’ll lift the load, make sure the accessory isn’t too big, etc. If their demo site doesn’t match your specific conditions on your jobsite, they’d be happy to come out to your own home, farm, or jobsite, to let you demo it there and even show you how to operate it properly and safely.


Warranty Coverage

How Long?

Our Warranty coverage is for 10 years or 1000 engine hours whichever comes first. That’s an industry leader and exclusive to 4Rivers Equipment!

What is covered?

Engine and Powertrain are covered in this warranty on New Purchases of 1-5 Series John Deere Tractors.

Some of those components include:
• Cylinder block head
• Rocker arm cover
• Oil pan
• Timing gear cover
• Transmission case
• Mechanical front wheel
• Final drive housings
• Drive clutch housing

See the copy of the warranty for full details!

Yearly Service Inspection

With the 10 Year Warranty, we simply ask you to bring in your equipment for an inspection each year to make sure we are able to catch any failures before they happen. This will help us keep your Deere running at peak performance!

Why do I need to service?

By extending service intervals and providing easy access to maintenance items like air and oil filters, Deere has made it easier for owners to service their own equipment. This paired with 4Rivers’ stock of routine service for your machines, servicing your new Deere is a breeze.
Now if servicing your own equipment isn’t for you, that’s not a problem. 4Rivers Equipment has several service options available for all types of John Deere equipment. With pickup and delivery available, knocking out your service is quick and easy.

Scheduling Tip

Schedule at the end of the season you use your equipment the most. Typically right late fall or winter. Our service shops get booked up fast at the beginning of the Spring and throughout the Summer. To help you have your machine ready when you need it, avoid these busy times of the year.

See Service Options

Looking for Parts?

John Deere has engineered some of the longest lasting parts available, but new parts are always needed when friction is involved. That’s where 4Rivers Equipment expert parts department comes in handy. They have the most common wear parts in stock at your nearest 4Rivers location. From blades to filters, we have you covered!

Do you know the part that you need? Simply go to our website and fill out the parts request form, select your nearest location, and someone will be in touch to complete your order!

Parts Request

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Fort Collins

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